P50 – Defined Your Vision

Easily accomplish more with SonoScape’s new P50 ultrasound system with the new advancements from SonoScape in a compact trolley system. Incorporating single crystal clarity, automotive corrections and calculations, and user defined flexibility promises a confident diagnostic experience as well as opening new doors of opportunity for ultrasound use. 


Consistent quality performance across applications 

Enhanced with advanced imaging architecture and probe technologies, the system expands diagnostic capabilities and examination quality across a wide range of applications:

–        C-Field Beam

–        μ-Scan

–        Adaptive Multi-beam Imaging

–        Dynamic Color

–        Single Crystal Transducer


Ergonomic Industrial Design

Taking into consideration the evolving expectations and needs for ultrasound, the P50 is a slim and unobtrusive trolley system that is comfortable in tight, congested spaced with little room to work in. Providing everything you need for a comfortable examination in a small space for both you and your patient.

–       High resolution LED monitor with articulated arm

–       Adjustable touch screen

–       Rotatable and height adjustable control panel

–       Gel warmer

–       Built-in battery

–       Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

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