SonoScape Drawing In The Crowds At FIME 2018

Front and center at FIME 2018SonoScape wowed visitors as they came into the exhibition hall with the latest in ultrasound and endoscopy technologies from SonoScape. Easily displaying and demonstrating the ultrasound and endoscopy solutions that SonoScape can provide for the very same doctors and medical professionals that came to FIME looking for the best solutions for their own clinics and hospitals.

S-live Silhouette

Real-time 3D/4D

SonoScape’s trolley based ultrasound systems with the latest in 4D imaging software found on the S50 and P50 were consistently crowd favorites through-out FIME. Often used to help determine the physical appearance of an unborn child looking for physical abnormalities such as cleft lip, congenital vertebra anomalies, or diagnosing of posterior fossa fluid collections in the brain. Using 4D imaging is also a useful tool to help doctors to clearly communicate with new parents by providing beautiful photographic renditions of the baby. Aware particular attention to the needs of women’s health SonoScape also offers for doctors now the ability to create 4D images with endocavity probes for a faster and easier assessment of impact a natural birth had on a female patient.

Volume transvaginal probe

Real-time Pelvic 3D/4D

Pelvic Floor 4D


As FIME moves to Miami for next year we will continue to work to make the work of doctors and the quality of healthcare better for patients. Continue to follow the latest news from SonoScape to keep up to date on the exciting and ever changing medical industry.


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