Consistently improving technologies and services with the patient’s comfort in mind, SonoScape’s passion for innovation makes it a natural fit for today’s market and choice for tomorrow. With the belief in developing the trend of ultrasound, inheriting and spreading the classic and elegance, and through continuous effort, SonoScape releases a new model, the S8Exp.

Powerful Platform
Embedded with SonoScape’s core imaging processing technologies such as μ-scan, PHI and Spatial Compound, the S8Exp boasts stunning 2D imaging, sensitive spectral, Color and Power Doppler, displaying well-defined anatomy and pathology and facilitating a highly efficient diagnostic user environment for conclusive diagnoses.  The S8Exp also offers a comprehensive selection of electronic probes to maximize its capabilities to meet a wide range of applications including pediatrics, OB/GYN, cardiology, MSK, etc. The advanced probe technologies also effectively enhance the image quality and confidence in reaching clinical diagnoses even with difficult patients.


MSK applications
Radiology applications
Anesthiesa applications
Urology applications

User-friendly ergonomic design

The most important controls are conveniently located within an intuitive interface, making all operations both easy and fast. Fifty degree foldable, high resolution, color LCD screen gives a comfortable viewing position available in any environment.

  • 15″Anti-glare, high-resolution LCD screen
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • 50° foldable screen
  • 140° opening angle with abundant connection interfaces
  • Two transducer sockets
  • Vista operating system

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