A veterinarian’s day can be as unpredictable as their patients, so a durable and practical ultrasound is ideal wherever and whenever they need it. On top of extraordinary durability and practicality, SonoScape’s S8ExpV offers an ultrasound exam that can be tailored to your individual needs to establish an accurate diagnosis you can be confident in. Its state of the art ultrasound technologies have been carefully selected for the superior imaging abilities in large animal patients.


Professional, large animal musculoskeletal scanning
Protective keyboard covering to protect against dirt and dust
Easy to take with you

Smooth Workflow

The S8ExpV adapts to your work flow, whether you are in the consultant room, at the bedside, or at a remote location. S8ExpV leads to an improved clinical outcome, efficient workflow, and user comfort for the clinician as well as for the patient animal throughout the exam.

  • 15″Anti-glare, high-resolution LCD screen
  • Optimized, ergonomic control panel
  • 50° foldable screen
  • 140° opening angle with abundant connection interfaces
  • Two transducer sockets

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