The S9 Pro is a proud member of the SonoScape Premium HCU family. Combining our advances in display technology providing a highly accurate, faster and effortless diagnosis. This trend setting and exquisite HCU system will provide clinicians with advanced clinical tools and the power to reveal subtle details which will assist during critical decisions with the greatest of confidence

The S9 Pro is an adaptable system capable of providing crystal clear diagnostic images for a variety of exam conditions and requirements.  This ergonomic, lightweight, HCU system provides clinically proven technologies to improve work flow, patient care and comfort for the user.

Premium Solutions

Real-time 3D (4D)
C-Xlasto Elastography
Real-time Panoramic Imaging
High Density Probe


S9 Pro, sucessfully blends sensible ergonomics, exquisite styling and ease of use, bringing the clinical benefits of a premium system to new areas of healthcare.

  • 50° Foldable screen
  • 140° opening angle with abundant connection interfaces
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Height adjustable stylish trolley
  • Hardshell flight case

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