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SonoScape US Inc. Awarded Contract with Vizient Inc. to Provide Ultrasound Systems

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To learn more and to become better acquainted with the advance ultrasound systems from SonoScape, we are more than happy to help you schedule a demo. With the help of our esteemed representatives here at SonoScape will introduce and walk you through the ins and outs of the ultrasound system of your choice from SonoScape. To schedule your own demo now with SonoScape please follow the link below.


“The ability to perform quality nonlinear imaging and microbubble destruction on a portable unit is rare and has been exceptionally helpful in our research.”

-From United States of America for the S9

“I use the S9 every day and often have to make critical decisions for my colleagues, patients and apprentices. The S9 is a very reliable mobile high-end system providing an extraordinary image quality and an excellent workflow.”

-From Switzerland for the S9


“Upgrading our ultrasound diagnostics with totally 4 new SonoScape High-End Systems we could considerably improve the range of services and the quality of diagnosis in our whole health center.”

-From Swtizerland

“The machine picture quality is so good and clear for diagnosis. Especially TV scan and zoom of the picture are up to excellent quality.”

-From India for the S50


“We found the SonoScape S9 ultrasound system be extremely valuable for inserting a central venous catheter or radial artery catheter safely and effectively. The quality of the images is far superior to the previous portable ultrasound system we used for animal and human research.”

-From the United States of America for the S9

“…its 3D/4D speed, resolution and features are very good esp. S-live feature which is remarkable. It is very simple to operate and user friendly which adds value to my diagnostic confidence.”

-From India for the S50

SonoScape US Inc. Awarded Contract with Vizient Inc. to Provide Ultrasound Systems

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