Frost & Sullivan awarded SonoScape Medical Corp as Product Innovation In Electronic Endoscopy Market

Based on research and assessment of the Video endoscope market, Sonoscape Medical Corp. has won the Product Innovation in Electronic Endoscopy Market award by the world famous consulting company Frost & Sullivan. This award is in recognition of SonoScape’s constant innovation and breakthrough in product development.


Gastrointestinal cancers have the highest morbidity and mortality rates in our country.  According to statistics, there is only a 10% early diagnosis rate of the digestive tract cancers in our country, much lower than in the US and European countries. According to the experts, the digestive tract cancers can be completely cured if it can be found early and diagnosed accurately for treatment. The key to decrease the mortality rate of patients with digestive tract cancer is to diagnose and provide treatment for the patient as early as possible. Currently, the best way to detect and diagnose the Gastrointestinal Disease is using video endoscopy technology.


With high definition imaging, flexible operation and other advantages, video endoscope has already been widely used by hospitals and clinics to detect anomalies in the Gastrointestinal Tract. Video endoscopy installs the image sensor at the distal end of the endoscope to project High Definition (HD) of the endoscopic image. SonoScape’s HD endoscopy can clearly distinguish the micro structure of the mucosal surface and can provide a better diagnosis for early cancer.


Compared to US and European countries, endoscopic minimally invasive surgical treatments start relatively late in China, but the endoscopy market is developing at a very fast pace. Currently, foreign endoscopy brands have monopolized about ninety percent of the market with high-end products. HD endoscopic equipment is completely dependent on the expensive imported products and the maintenance costs for the equipment is also substantially high, basic-level hospitals usually find it very difficult to sustain it. In order to reduce the cost, our country has encouraged local companies to research and develop minimally invasive medical equipment, which will benefit more people and produce better outcomes.


Through long-term innovation and technological improvement, SonoScape Medical has developed the full HD Video endoscope system with fully independent intellectual property rights— HD–500 video endoscope system equiped with 1080P high-definition images, Variable Intelligent Staining Technology (VIST) and the entire endoscope series has Water Jet function which is comparable to foreign brands. Compared to normal CCD imaging technology, SonoScape’s new generation of HD endoscopy, which is based on the CMOS image sensor, provides high quality imaging. With the HD–500, the capillaries and the small submucosal lesions can be easily viewed, bringing a reliable basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment. An integrated workstation system which can achieve one-stop image storage, video playback, editing and printing cases, etc, allows doctor to manage the patient data easier. With these technological improvements and capabilities, the HD-500 will break the monopoly of the imported Japanese brand and at the same time brings a new revolution for localization of endoscopy.


Frost and Sullivan’s “Product Innovation In Electronic Endoscopy Market” is to recognize an enterprises’ excellence and outstanding achievements in the field of technological innovation, business model innovation and product innovation. As our stated “Caring for life through Innovation”, we believe that with the support from the Government and the market, Sonoscape Medical will be able to innovate further to provide better products and better treatment outcomes for patients.

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