SonoScape Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

SonoScape, one of world’s top medical device manufacturers, has listed its stock shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on April 6th , 2017.

Mr Chen, Chairman of the Board of SonoScape, struck the opening bell at 9:24 AM China time in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, marking a new era for the company.

“2017 is SonoScape’s fifteenth anniversary” , said Mr Chen, “The listing SonoScape’s shares offers new opportunities and will motivate us for further technical innovation to reward the investors and those who have placed their trust in us”.

SonoScape has long been committed to technical developments in medical devices since its foundation in 2002, with more than 13%of its annual revenue reinvested into R&D. According to Mr Wu, President of SonoScape, the company will keep its focus on product development and increase investments after the listing of SonoScape’s shares.

SonoScape launched the 15 inch LCD color Doppler system in 2004 and henceforth started a journey exploring new possibilities. In 2016, SonoScape released its first high definition video endoscopy system, demonstrating our growing strenthgs in product development and innovations.

Market brings new opportunities as well as challenges. What ever the future may hold, SonoScape is ready.





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